Elongate, Re-align, Balance

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™)?

FST™ is a unique system of therapy & training that dramatically improves your flexibility by lengthening your fascia.

Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds & invests all structures of the body. The problem is that fascia will thicken & shorten when any of your tissues are under stress from poor posture, lack of exercise, injury, surgery, disease or over-training.

While many therapies can help these conditions, only FST™ can completely treat inflexible fascia at the deepest level – your joint capsule. After we help make all of your layers of fascia become more pliable & hydrated then joint range of motion, muscle strength & flexibility immediately improves making it easier for you to train & maintain.

Question: Fascial Stretch Therapy is stretching. Yoga is stretching. So aren’t they the same thing?

We often get asked by people who know about Yoga, what’s the difference between that and Fascial Stretch Therapy since they both involve stretching, so let’s set the record straight. Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST™) is an assisted manual stretch therapy technique that “The Stretch Lady” Ann Frederick created in 1995, that was further developed together with Chris Frederick, PT into a unique system performed with a client comfortably secured to a table.

FST™ focuses on elongating, re-aligning and balancing the connective tissues of the body. The rapid and pain-free results occur within one session and not only improves flexibility but also strength, balance, coordination, body awareness and posture.

It is a fact that when you try to stretch yourself, you will never be able to relax enough or target specific areas optimally enough compared to a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist working with you. Instead of having a person try to treat themselves by taking yoga, FST™ is performed by certified therapists working on clients and patients to help them achieve their specific fitness or medical goals of reducing pain and increasing mobility after a thorough evaluation. The client is given a specific progressive home stretch program that focuses on the fascia to maintain the positive changes and benefits gained from an FST session with a stretch therapist.

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