Balance Your Chi

Thai foot massage is an exceptional way to pamper your feet but it is much more important than that. Our feet ground us to the earth, and take the greatest amount of pressure from standing, walking, and gravity each day. Relieving the tension in the feet can balance the nervous system and rejuvenate your whole body. Thai foot massage will detoxify and purify all of your body systems.

History of Thai Foot Massage

The history of Thai foot massage can be traced back to its founder Shivaga Komarpaj (also known as “Father Doctor”), who was a doctor and friend to Buddha.  The process of Thai foot massage has been greatly influenced by its two great neighbors, India and China, whose reflexology systems are thousands of years old. Over the years, Thai foot massage has incorporated many of its Asian neighbors’ techniques from places like Japan, Korea, and Burma. Stone inscriptions can still be seen in the walls of Wat Pho temple, in Bangkok, which have persevered the tradition of Thai massage, including Thai foot massage.

What Happens During Thai Foot Massage

The foot is a reflection of the whole body, with each organ, gland, and body part having a corresponding location in the bottom of the foot. The gentle and repeated measure to pressure points in the feet will detoxify the internal organs in your body; such as the liver, kidney, or spleen. If it’s your first time, less pressure would be ideal. Be sure to tell your masseuse the amount of pressure you prefer. Thai Foot Reflexology Massage is a combination of two handed palming, circular massaging, stretching, and the use of a Thai stick to press reflexology points on the soles of the feet.  Afterwards be sure to drink lots of water to help your body detoxify itself.


  • Improved foot and ankle flexibility

  • Better flow of energy, oxygen, and nutrients

  • Accelerated cleansing of toxins

  • Relaxation

  • Improved health

  • Increased sense of balance and grounding

  • Improved mood

  • An increase in energy

  • Aches and pains relieved

  • Circulation increased

  • Better sleeping patterns

  • Boost in the immune system

  • Reduced stress levels

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